Original Corn Roast Machine Specifications


Weighs 1200-1600 lbs.* *depends on Model/Options selected =  Easy Towing – Easy Mobility

No Electricity Needed =Set Up Anywhere

Stainless Steel Outer Walls = Professional Appearance No Fading - No Chipping

Steel Inner Walls = Excellent Heat Retention

Stainless Steel Outer Walls = Excellent Strength & Durability

3 1⁄2” Insulation = Excellent Heat Retention

Hinged & Bolted Front Door = Safety of access

Bumper Shelf for Corn Crate = Convenient Corn Loading

Heavy Duty A-Frame Tongue = Sturdy Construction - Smooth Towing

Heavy Duty 3,000lb Axle= Sturdy Construction - Smooth Towing

HD 2,000lb Top Crank Jack =Durable, Easy Adjustment

HD Swivel Steel Caster =Easy Maneuvering

Towing Standards:

  • 14” Tires w/Fenders
  • LED Tail Lights/Turn Signals
  • License Plate Holder & Safety Chains

52,000 BTU Burner =Low Propane Consumption

Middle Burner Position = Maximum Heat Distribution

Propane Lojector =Propane Efficiency

Pilot Lighting System = Safety

Extra Wide Baskets = Corn-Potatoes-Sweet Potatoes


ALL Stainless Steel Components = Durable, Professional Appearance

Fresh Water & Waste Water Tank = Easily Sanitized

Sinks & Pipes, Decking & Surround

THREE-PART Stainless Steel Utility Sinks/Dedicated Faucet Sink Dimensions: 6” x 10” x 4” =Meets or Exceeds Most Health Department Requirements

SEPARATE Stainless Steel Hand Wash Sink/Dedicated Faucet Sink Dimension: 6” x 10” x 4” = Meets or Exceeds Most Health Department Requirements

Eight (8) Gallon Stainless Steel Fresh Water Tank = Professional, Durable, Sanitary

Twelve (12) Gallon Stainless Steel Waste Water Tank = Professional, Durable, Sanitary

On-Demand Water Pump w/12V Battery =Pressurizes Water

The Original Corn Roast - Since 1987


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