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The Original Corn Roast - Since 1987

​Company founder John M. Mendoza was visiting a State Fair up North.  He couldn’t help but notice the lines of people at the corn roast booth.  He also couldn’t help but notice how the corn was roasted.  A huge tent was lined with charcoal grills holding rack after rack of smoldering corn atop them.  Not only were there countless charcoal grills, but there were countless people in that smoky tent handling all of those sizzling hot, and very heavy racks.  He knew there was a better way.  

In 1987, John conceived, designed and manufactured the very first Original Corn Roast Machine right here in San Antonio, Texas.  He signed up for his first event and went about roasting corn.  Funny thing was, no one was buying.  Believe it or not, in 1987 no one knew what roasted corn was in San Antonio.

So John starting giving away samples.  Crowds began forming to taste roasted corn….and the rest, as they say, is history!

So where do we go from here?  We train the next generation in the family business.  All of the expertise you’ve come to expect will continue for years to come!  John is pouring his knowledge and wisdom into his son Jesse.  You can count on them to continue the tradition of quality craftsmanship.  

Since day one we have established our reputation dedicated to excellence.  Our team of welders and craftsmen have decades of experience in manufacturing.  We use that expertise to build the highest quality corn roaster on the market.

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