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Let us show you why our Original Corn Roast Machine is different and why that matters to your profitability.
The Original Corn Roast Machines are different by design. We know that you’re going to make a significant investment when purchasing a corn roaster.  And let’s face it, you’re considering a corn roasting business to make money, aren’t you?

The Original Corn Roast represents an established brand name in the concession industry. 

Decades of brand recognition is yours with The Original Corn Roast Machine!  Our clients include theme parks, water parks, rodeos, sports stadiums, entertainment arenas, boardwalks, farms, flea markets, restaurants, catering companies, food trucks, concession trailers, and countless festivals across the country!

We use  stainless steel! 

Stainless steel is synonymous with commercial grade, professional food equipment!  Stainless steel endures the weather elements and never chips or fades like paint.  It’s easy to clean and stays looking new for years and years to come.  We don’t charge extra to put a few scraps of stainless on your corn roaster like other manufacturers.  By the way, it costs less money to use regular steel and paint it, but you deserve higher quality than that.   

Our corn roasters are built with a  non-motorized  chain  conveyor.

This maximizes the efficiency and capacity inside of the roaster oven – so that it doesn't just spin baskets around the perimeter.  That means you can roast as much or as little corn as needed.  No motor means no electricity needed.  We’ll teach you how and why this works so well! 

The chain NEVER uses grease - ever!

All the chain needs is a few minutes a month to lubricate it with a water soluble hot oven chain lubricant manufactured for use in food ovens.  Don’t believe what others are saying. It doesn’t get dry, break or lock up! Lots and lots of high volume commercial cooking appliances use chain conveyors because they’re so efficient!

We’ll NEVER tell you to roast a bunch of corn ahead of time and keep it in ice chests until you sell it. 

That just makes for cold, soggy corn and gives bacteria a chance to grow – not healthy!  The other guys have to do that because their roasters aren’t as efficient as ours.  Besides, customers want to see the corn taken right out of the corn roaster, peeled and served ~ fresh and hot! 

Our baskets insure that corn is placed end to end - roasting perfectly all the way around. 

Our design allows for a single wide basket where others out there use a double wide, side by side basket.  You won’t have to reach deep into our corn roaster to pull out the corn…and that means you’re not likely to have burns up and down your wrist and forearm from reaching in to a double wide basket like those other guys. 

Our propane burner is so efficient.

It only uses about 1 gallon of propane per hour.  You won’t be spending your profits on propane, you’ll be putting that money in your pocket!

Our serving door is positioned at the top of our corn roaster. 

That keeps the heat inside the corn roaster doing its job to roast the corn – not escaping through an opening in the middle of the roaster like other corn roasters out there.

We've thought of everything!

We even put a bumper shelf  on the corn roaster to hold the cases of fresh corn that you’ll load into the machine. 

Our Sanitation Package is custom made from stainless steel - NOT plastic.

Plastic can melt next to a corn roaster cooking at 400 degrees (or hotter).  Our fresh water holding tank and waste water holding tank are both stainless steel.  So are our plumbing pipes, sinks, counters, and surround.   Health inspectors love our sanitation package.  AND it’s available in two different sizes/capacities. 

We can handle custom orders! 

We’ve customized our Original Corn Roast Machines for food trucks, concession trailers, restaurants, push carts. Just Ask ~ we can do it!

Our customers deserve quality, productivity, and profitability.

If you want to get technical , go to our Specifications Page HERE