Original Corn Roast Machine Quality & Craftsmanship

The Original Corn Roast Machines are different by design. Let us show you why the materials we use and the way we manufacture with them matter to your profitability. 

Over three decades of established brand name recognition is yours with The Original Corn Roast Machine! Our clients include theme parks, water parks, rodeos, sports stadiums, entertainment arenas, boardwalks, farms, flea markets, restaurants, catering companies, food trucks & trailers, as well as independent concessionaires all across the country!

We use Stainless Steel! Stainless is synonymous with commercial grade, professional food equipment! It endures the weather elements, it’s easy to clean and stays looking new for years and years to come.

Our corn roasters are built with a non-motorized chain conveyor to maximize the efficiency and capacity inside of the roaster oven. That means you can roast as much or as little corn as needed. No electricity required. We’ll teach you how and why this works so well! 

The chain never uses grease. All the chain needs is a few minutes a month to apply a water soluble hot oven chain lubricant manufactured for use in food ovens. Many commercial cooking appliances use chain conveyors because they’re so efficient!

Our baskets allow the corn to be placed end to end - roasting it perfectly all the way around. The baskets are wide enough to accommodate baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, too!

Our propane burner is efficient. It uses approximately 1 gallon of propane per hour.

The serving door is positioned at the top of our corn roaster. That keeps the heat inside doing its job to roast the corn evenly.

We put a bumper shelf on the corn roaster to hold the cases of fresh corn that you'll load into the machine. We've thought of everything!

Our Sanitation Package is custom made with stainless steel. Our fresh water holding tank and waste water holding tank are both stainless. So are our plumbing pipes, sinks, counters, and surround. Health inspectors love our sanitation package.

The Original Corn Roast - Since 1987


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