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How to Start Your Business

So you’ve seen the crowds lining up to buy roasted corn and thought to yourself….”I can do that”!  You sure can, and we can help.  We have decades of experience to share.  With satisfied customers from coast to coast, let us teach you how it’s done! 

You don’t need to buy an internet book from a guy that wanted corn roaster manufacturers to sponsor his project.  We don’t have to pay anybody to write good stuff about our product.  We have lots of clients that gladly say it for free!  We taught them to be successful and profitable – and we’ll teach you the same thing! -Testimonials

Go talk to the health department in the area that you plan to be in.  Often times the information is on their website.  They will provide regulations that help you to know if you need a sanitation package on your corn roaster.  Then start looking for where you want to work it – theme parks, stadiums, festivals, flea markets, car shows, caterings, company picnics…the opportunities are endless!    

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