The Original Corn Roast​ - Since 1987

Delivery and Training 

We personally deliver The Original Corn Roast Machine to you!  We don’t charge you to build a wooden crate for shipping then send it by freight carrier…WE BRING IT OURSELVES!  Make sure to have some fresh corn on hand because when we get there we’ll setup up the corn roaster and personally train you on its operation ~ roasting your first batch of delicious roasted corn!  Be sure to invite some friends, family and coworkers to enjoy it!

We will also walk you through the proper way to maintain your corn roaster.  It takes just minutes every 4-6 weeks to ensure your investment runs perfectly for years to come.  Some competitors want you to think that we put grease on our chains – but that’s just not so!  We recommend a water soluble hot oven chain lubricant for use in food ovens.  No grease – no build up – ever!

We love to answer your questions!  Make a list of those questions and we’ll answer them all during your personal training session at the time of delivery.  We’ll leave you with lots of written instructions – but even then, we’re just a phone call away!    210-229-9703

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